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In recent surveys, the common theme for the success of our patients was the on-on-one attention and the assurance that the exercises were performed, and felt, properly.

I found the staff to be personable and maintained a professional decorum. I am very pleased with the total experience.
– Anthony D.

I was in despair thinking I might never be able to golf again after my hand injury, but now I can and actually had a few rounds which were the best of my life.
– Linda F.

I now can move, bend, and twist my body like I’ve never been able to do before. The pain has subsided, and I am more active than I have been in the past. You are a blessing in disguise.
– Peg G.

I have complete use of my left elbow again without any pain, thanks to you!
– Donald P.

Thank you! I am currently enjoying a pain-free life, physically doing essentially anything that I want to do, without restrictions, and living life on my own terms.
– Arthur F.

Once I began PT with Randy, I got back to running quickly, and am training again with virtually no pain or fatigue. I am extremely grateful.
– Zack L.

After 2 weeks, I saw considerable improvement, after 4 weeks, was able to resume moderate exercise, and after 6 weeks, was pain-free and back to normal activity.
– Jeannine A.

My progress was immediate and effective. I was immediately confident in Randy’s abilities and knowledge.
– John B.

Thanks to you I am able to run without pain, and was able to compete in nationals for a 5th place finish!
– Matt S.